Tishani Doshi

The 2018 Litro Summer Literary & Arts weekender showcases stories from South Korea and India, from the pride of New India to the hidden voices of Korean women who are quiet but strong. Over the second May bank holiday weekend, we champion a sea change in female-led narrative, as voices and confidence bloom. These are intimate tales for a global stage: exquisite stories, curated by Litro magazine, presented with charm and accessible to all.

This is a festival that asks questions. How do we translate the Indian experience? How do we find the soul of Seoul? And what unites us, rather than divides? We have assembled some of the most dynamic protagonists from India, the UK and South Korea. As well as veteran and emerging writers, there are translators, academics, musicians and dancers, all crossing paths at this axis of culture. We are not just inviting you to observe this meeting of minds, but to be part of it. It is a conversation, not a monologue.

If you read, we welcome you into a thrilling new landscape. If you write, there are Masterclasses where you can pick up tricks of the trade, and if you are curious, then come along and explore our bright and vibrant world.

Krys Lee

Confirmed speakers include author, journalist, commentator and translator Suki Kim (The Interpreter), who is the only writer to have lived in North Korea undercover for immersive journalism; award-winning author Krys Lee (How I Became a North Korean); acclaimed poet, writer and dancer Tishani Doshi (Countries of the Body, Girls Are Coming Out of the Woods); poet and female rights activist, and director of Dhaka Literature Festival Sadaf Saaz (Sari Reams); author and translator Bae Suah (Recitation); Sangeeta Bandyopadhyay (Abandon) and Mary Lynn Bracht (White Chrysanthemum).

Jaipur Literary Festival is guest-curating the events for Sunday 27 May at the British Library, including Suman Gupta and Jaishree Misra in conversation with Francesca Orsini about how ‘Hinglish’ has spilled over from everyday language and youth lingo into advertising and literature, and how it is playing out in recent English and Hindi fiction; Priyanka Basu, David Lunn, Daniel Luther and Anna Morcom in conversation with Rachel Dwyer about the current status of Bollywood in India and beyond; and Neelima Adhar Dalmia in conversation with Vayu Naidu about the fictional diaries of Mahatma Gandhi’s wife Kasturba, his devoted companion and loyal partner in the independence movement.

London has always been ‘the world in one place’, so there is no better setting for a tri-nation Festival. Litro has been celebrating text for over fifteen years and has a global reach and reputation. Both India and Korea are producing writers with firecracker credentials that cast a warm and elegant glow upon the world of new writing. Together, we hope to create something wonderful and we would like you to be part of it.


Eric_AkokoEric Akoto is Editor and Publisher of Litro magazine. His passions lie in progressive conversations, freedom of expression, quality and independence in arts, good technology, and making big ideas and collaborations come to light.


The Litro World Series Summer Literary & Arts Festival
24 to 27 May 2018
SOAS, Korean Cultural Centre UK, Waterstones Tottenham Court Road and other venues
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