Karen Joy Fowler: Hanging by the bay

“I am feeling all charitable toward the particular humans I meet today, who, whatever their complicities, are picking someone else’s trash up as they walk along, or adding their own art to the already beautiful vista.”


On the trail of Gideon Lewis-Kraus

“Our motives are always mixed. Everything is over-determined, and sometimes the only way one can get away with fulfilling a desire is by describing it as an obligation.”


Gong Ji-young: Not old enough to die

If only people were like trees and could fall into a long death-like sleep once a year and reawaken. It would be nice to wake up, put out new pale green leaves and pink blossoms, and start over.”


Wes Anderson & George Prochnik on Stefan Zweig

“There are the same kinds of people and dynamics we know from our world. But also details of a universe most of us have no experience of, and that’s great to discover.”


Rebecca Mead’s book for life

Middlemarch gives my parents back to me. In the pages of my imagination they are still together, watching me and watching over me from the window of their lives.”


Robert Glancy: My own private love club

Packed my bags for my UK book tour. Bit nervous. Not worn shoes for months and have only spoken to sparrows. Not sure how well this is going to go…”


Jean de La Fontaine: Animal scruples

“No grills or cooking-pots for them, say you? – shepherds, reflect: the wolf is only wrong
when he is weak and you are strong. Why should he live as hermits do?”


Machado_de_Assis_thumbnailSHORT STORY
Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis: Ex cathedra

“There was a sound out by the porch – a thunderous roar of kisses, according to the caterpillars out by the barn. But, then again, any little noise sounds like thunder to a caterpillar.”




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