“When we are most in need of love, we tend to act in ways that are least likely to attract it… people are generally intolerable at exactly the same moment as they most need to have grace extended to them.” Jenn Ashworth
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Chigozie Obioma: Tangled lines

Chigozie Obioma: Tangled lines

Told from the point of view of Benjamin, the youngest of four brothers, Chigozie Obioma’s powerful debut The Fishermen is the story of a childhood in 1990s Nigeria. When their father has to travel to a distant city for work, the boys take advantage of his absence to skip school and go fishing. At the...
By kingmaker's cunning

By kingmaker’s cunning

We all have difficult friendships. While our friendships can be sources of sustenance and joy, they can also be full of petty jealousies, professional rivalries, and personal slights real or perceived. One such difficult friendship is at the centre of my new novel, a historical thriller set in late medieval England. The friends? Geoffrey Chaucer,...