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Timeless_Books_640Some old books found in the guest room. Lin Pernille Kristensen/Wikimedia Commons

Mark Reynolds

Mark has worked as a copywriter and in-house creative at Penguin Books and Fourth Estate, and is a freelance writer/editor on a wide range of fiction, general non-fiction, photography books and artists’ catalogues as well as in TV, film and travel. Prior to the launch of Bookanista he worked as literary editor at The Drawbridge.
mark [at] bookanista.com

Farhana Gani

After working at Penguin and Faber, Farhana spent a dozen years at BBC Worldwide, joining as a copywriter and rising through the ranks to become Creative Director. After study leave in Paris in 2010, she became editor of the monthly web magazine Untitled Books, which she ran until December 2012 whilst completing an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck. She combines freelance copywriting with completing a collection of short stories.
farhana [at] bookanista.com

Lucy Scholes
Contributing editor

After completing her PhD in English Literature, Lucy taught in the English and History departments at Goldsmiths. She is now a literary critic, and has contributed to publications including Critical Quarterly and The Sunday Times. She currently writes for the Daily Beast, the Independent, the National, the Observer and the TLS. Lucy also teaches courses at Tate Modern and Tate Britain, and works as a freelance editor.

Mika Provata-Carlone
Contributing editor

Mika is an independent scholar, translator, editor and illustrator. She has a doctorate in Comparative Literature from Princeton University and lives and works in London. She is passionate about good books, old and new, for the young and for the old; also about old-fashioned presses, smelling of paper and ink. She has recently translated A Tale without a Name by Penelope Delta, Pockety by Florence Seyvos, The Adventures of Hermes, God of Thieves by Murielle Szac and illustrated The Whale that Fell in Love with a Submarine by Akiyuki Nosaka all for Pushkin Press.

Karin Salvalaggio
Contributing editor

Karin is the author of the Macy Greeley crime novels Bone Dust White, Burnt River, Walleye Junction and Silent Rain, set in towns that border the Montana wilderness, a uniquely spectacular landscape she fell in love with as a child. Her proudly independent characters inhabit stories about the American dream gone wrong. She is currently working on the final edits of a psychological thriller set closer to home in West London, where she has lived since 1994. The characters may be hemmed in by glass and steel, but the stories they tell are just as compelling.

Katherine Nathan
Video content editor

After graduating, Katherine joined The Daily Telegraph as a sports feature writer before taking up a post in BBC Production. From trainee to Creative Director she has worked on many high-profile campaigns around the world, promoting television programmes, channel launches and live events. She is Executive Creative Director & CEO at the independent production house RATCHET.

Brett Marie
Contributing editor

Brett, a.k.a. Mat Treiber, grew up in Montreal with an American father and a British mother and currently lives in Herefordshire with his wife and daughter. Fronting the Mat Treiber Group, he has played energetic, bluesy rock ’n’ roll in venues from Los Angeles to London. His other great passion is writing fiction, and his short stories and other writings have appeared in The New Plains Review, Sleet Magazine and The Impressment Gang.

Alex Peake-Tomkinson
Contributing editor

Alex writes book reviews and features for the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Telegraph. She has also written for the Guardian, the Financial Times, the TLS, the Daily Mail and Untitled Books.

Sonia Weir
Contributing editor

Sonia is a voracious reader and runs a lively and fun Facebook book group called Ultimate Reads and Recommendations which has over 500 members from all over the world.  The group is inclusive and aimed at every reader no matter the books, authors or genre.

Fiona Melrose
Contributing editor

Fiona completed an MA in Politics and Literary Criticism at Wits University, Johannesburg, and an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck. Having spent much of her childhood in a local library, she found her way back to books after long diversions through academia, NGOs and financial markets in South Africa and the UK. She has been a book reviewer for Writer’s Hub and enjoys big American books and small strange fables. Her debut novel Midwinter was longlisted for the 2017 Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction, and her second novel Johannesburg is forthcoming from Corsair.

Miguel Gómez
Site architect and designer

Miguel is a human browser with a track record of developing creative and conceptual websites for clients across Europe. With a finger on the pulse of web trends and digital innovations across books, film and TV, he’ll be commenting on interactive design for the e-reader generation as he expands and develops the Bookanista site.

Yvey Bailey

Yvey has worked in graphics for over 18 years, designing a variety of printed media including brochures, book jackets, DVD and CD sleeves, adverts, catalogues and logos. An avid reader and creative commentator, Yvey will be reporting on cover art, interactive design and visual trends alongside ongoing art direction for Bookanista.