An award-winning graphic biography of one of the world’s best-loved artists, Pablo follows Picasso’s artistic career from his origins in penury to the advent of modern art.

In early 20th-century Paris, 19-year-old Pablo Picasso finds himself living amongst the bohemians of Montmartre. Impoverished and in a turbulent relationship with his muse, ‘La Belle Fernande’, his career develops through a mix of frustration and scandal. His work is influenced by his friendships with other notable artists and writers including Max Jacob, Apollinaire and Gertrude Stein – and run-ins with his bitter rival Matisse as they vie for the avant-garde crown.

Originally published in France in four volumes, Pablo captures the fevered passions of the great artist, as well as creating a wonderfully evocative tour of the city, its squalor, its vibrant street life and historical landmarks. Clément Oubrerie’s warm, energetic style brings alive Julie Birmant’s engaging script as they explore the artist’s influences and obsessions that resulted in the production of so many masterpieces.

This is the third in SelfMadeHero’s critically-acclaimed Art Masters series, which includes
Barbara Stok’s Vincent (released on Sequential on 1 May 2015) and Typex’s Rembrandt.


Julie Birmant is a former director for the prestigious Brussels film school INSAS.
She writes plays and produces documentaries for France-Culture.

Clément Oubrerie is an acclaimed artist. His first graphic novel Aya of Yop City
won the First Book Award at Angoulême, the Children’s Africana Book Award and
the Glyph Award.
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