All Black Cats Are Not Alike is the first book-length collaboration from Studio Goldsparkle – a lovingly hand-drawn, hand-lettered celebration of the wild range of personality, originality, charisma and character of 50 highly individual all-black cats.

The limited first edition of 1,000 copies was crowd-funded at Kickstarter. Reward tiers invited backers to guarantee a place for their own All-Black Cat in the final gallery of 50 felines, to sponsor an ABC that was up for adoption, or nominate an ABC that would vie for any remaining pages. Each portrait is accompanied by the ABC’s unique story.


Koa_featureCopies are selling fast. Pounce on a copy for yourself or a loved one, for delivery anywhere in the world, from US$43 (US$58 UK/Europe & beyond) at


Studio Goldsparkle is the New York-based office of Peter Arkle and Amy Goldwasser. Peter is an illustrator and Scottish; Amy is an editor and writer from Detroit. They share a studio, a home and two cats (Mimi=black; May=other) in the East Village.