Since 2010, Martin Rowson has been documenting the weekly failings of the Tory-Lib Dem coalition in the Guardian, the Morning Star, Tribune and many other newspapers and magazines. The Coalition Book collects his most brutally funny cartoons from a period that began with a promise of a ‘new politics’ and quickly descended into riots, phone-hacking, double-dip recession, endless debates on Europe, and the near break-up of the United Kingdom. Accompanied by Rowson’s acerbic and witty explanatory text, and with a foreword by Will Self, this is an essential catalogue of Britain’s hapless governance by an “unholy gaggle of obsessives, toffs, sloanes, dogmatists, swivel-eyed zealots, dim hoorays, hobbyists, jobsworths, psychos and Lib Dems, led badly by our first genuine gap-year prime minister.”

“When you’ve got a vicious bunch of cut throats in power you need cartoonist who is up for the evisceration. Rowson’s your man.”
Mark Thomas

The Coalition Book is published by SelfMadeHero.

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