Intoxicated by the prospect of a promotion, Charles Singulier allows himself a small extravagance: he buys a bowler hat. But unbeknownst to him, this particular hat was once the property of the great Surrealist René Magritte – and by donning it, he is transported into the artist’s off-kilter world. What’s more, he can’t escape – at least, not until he has illuminated the secrets behind Magritte’s work. What follows is a hallucinatory journey through Magritte’s imaginative landscape, a place where facial features mutate, the crescent moon appears in unexpected places, and answers prove frustratingly elusive.

A paradoxical figure, Magritte was a painter who didn’t like to paint; an instinctive anarchist who lived a suburban, petty bourgeois existence; a lonely, melancholy soul who formed deep connections with his friends and collaborators.

Penned by Vincent Zabus and illustrated by Thomas Campi, Magritte: This Is Not A Biography paints a revealing portrait of the artist’s life and times, employing a playfulness and wit reminiscent of the great Surrealist himself.


Magritte_2Vincent Zabus is a Belgian comics writer. He is the author of two series for children, among other books.
Thomas Campi is an Italian comic book artist. A graduate of the ‘Dossi Dossi’ School of Art in Ferrara, he has illustrated three books by Vincent Zabus.

Magritte: This Is Not A Biography, out now from SelfMadeHero, is the latest in the Art Masters series, which also includes Rembrandt, Vincent, Pablo, Munch, Gauguin and Dalí.
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