Ann Patchett: This dog’s life

“I want to learn to love people the way I love my dog, with pride and enthusiasm and a complete amnesia for faults… to love others the way my dog loves me.”


J. Courtney Sullivan forever

“All good writers experience a lot of doubt, all the time. What separates a successful writer from the pack is the willingness to live with that doubt and keep going.” 


Symphony_of_Work_thumbnailSHORT STORY
Molly Antopol: The old world

Sveta had come home with a Ukrainian guidebook. ‘You can imagine more perfect honeymoon?’ ‘Terrific!’ I had said, though I’d been hoping for Tahiti.”


Christos Tsiolkas: Privilege and shame

“When you experience true shame you become truly adult, you can make moral judgements but you can no longer be smug about the world.”


Andrés Neuman: In living memory

When someone you slept with dies, you begin to doubt their body and yours. The once touched body withdraws, your own body loses substance, your muscles fill with vapour.”


Philip Lymbery with Isabel Oakeshott: A little bird…

Across China, millions of birds lay dead. Too late, the regime realised that the sparrows were not pests, pilfering the harvest, but vital to the food chain.”


Deborah Levy finds her voice

The things I don’t want to know are usually the things I end up writing about. These are the things we know but don’t want to know we know.”


John Dufresne: No way to live like this

“A fiftyish reporter with preposterously red hair handed me her business card: Perdita Curry, True-Crime Novels. Could it be? I thought. Factual and made-up at the same time?”



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