Alice and the White Rabbit play flamingo croquet after the show. Drawing by Anouska Cowen

The children’s production of Alice in Wonderland at The Vaults Waterloo was Wonder-landiful. I loved every single second of it even though bits of it was scary, including the cheshire cat who had big green eyes. I loved it when you sit on the floor and look up at the cieling, it really felt like you falling! Then you are welcomed to wonderland by a card. Then you see the white rabbit pacing up and down. “Will you help me find Alice?” he says when he sees you. Then you go to my favourite part, Tweedledum and Tweedledee. They say “If you think we are waxworks you ought to pay” and also “if you think we are alive you ought to talk”. Then they do the walrus and the carpenter. Then at the end there is the Queens maze, flamingo croquet and refreshments. I absolutely loved it!

Oh I forgot to tell you the tea party was almost the best part. I shook hands with Alice! The mad hatter was daft but very funny. For the Queen’s tarts there was real tarts (and you got to eat them).


Photo of Alice (Angelina Reilly) and Malaika by Ruby Kobayashi

Malaika Cowen is 7 years old and lives and goes to school in west London. Her sister Anouska, 10, had to go to another tea party on the day of the show, but Malaika told her everything that happened, so she was able to make her drawing. The girls hope to see Alice together in the summer holidays.

Photo of Alice (Angelina Reilly) and Malaika by Ruby Kobayashi

Adventures in Wonderland continues at The Vaults to Sunday 30 August. Read more.


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