Sex, religion, gender, and differing paths to love are tackled head on in this sassy debut graphic novel by prize-winning author and illustrator Jade Sarson.

Marie is a spirited young woman from a religious family who is taught to love everybody. A champion of the underdog, the bullied and the oppressed, Marie’s mission in life is to make those who are different from the norm feel loved and understood. But loving and falling in love have different rules, and Marie’s capricious heart pulls her into a series of complicated scrapes.

As we follow Marie’s loves from her Catholic schooldays through adulthood to motherhood, via a colourful cast of LGBT characters, Sarson’s vibrant and tender romp raises issues of individuality, equality and self-discovery with sparkling wit and a delicate sensibility.

“In turns dramatic, sexy, funny and heart wrenching… This book (much like Marie herself) is completely and unapologetically itself from beginning to end, and I loved it!” Paul Duffield


Jade_Sarson_290Jade Sarson graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2011 with a first-class honours degree in Illustration. Her work is a fusion of British and Japanese influences, combining digital and traditional techniques. Well-known for her popular webcomic Cafe Suada, she was nominated for Best Emerging Talent in the 2013 British Comic Awards. An extract from For the Love of God, Marie! won the Myriad First Graphic Novel Competition 2014, judged by Meg Rosoff, Andy Oliver, Nicola Streeten, Myriad’s Creative Director Corinne Pearlman, and Woodrow Phoenix, who describes the book as “A beautifully illustrated and dreamlike succession of fun and filth.” The finished book is now published by Myriad Editions. Read more.