Diving into Wonderland
Mark Reynolds talks to directors Oliver Lansley and James Seager and producer Emma Brünjes about their immersive theatre productions Alice’s Adventures Underground and Adventures in Wonderland.

Sophia Jansson: Keeping the Moomins above water
The niece of Moomins creator Tove Jansson discusses the release of Moomins on the Riviera and her aunt’s wider work.


Lori Lansens: Living with authoritis
Holed up in her pyjamas in a room above the garage, the author of The Mountain Story reflects on the solitary pursuits of the writer.


Alex Hourston: On the cusp of wherever 
The author of In My House is fired by optimism and wracked by doubt on a family holiday ahead of the release of her debut novel.


Alberto Manguel: The Pandora paradox
An extract from the essayist and critic’s new book Curiosity about the power of storytelling by way of Eve, Ulysses and a jar of pain and suffering.

Kristien Hemmerechts: Out of the cellar
Why the author of The Woman Who Fed the Dogs was compelled to approach Belgium’s ‘most hated woman’ as her subject.

Gavin McCrea: Mrs Engels and me
How a passing reference in Tristram Hunt’s biography of Engels led the author to piece together a life for Lizzie Burns.

Gavin Corbett: A tenor of old Ireland
The author of Green Glowing Skull explains how a move to New York brought him closer to the songs and legacy of Irish tenor John McCormack.

Brett Marie: Shouting at a river
The musician and writer reflects on the symbiosis between the two crafts, and how the creative impulse informs our deepest relations.


Malaika Cowen: Making friends with Alice
Malaika (7) reviews Adventures in Wonderland at The Vaults. Her favourite parts are Tweedledum and Tweedledee and the Tea Party.


Stefan Mohamed: So I’m a writer now?
The author of Bitter Sixteen reflects on the thankless, terrifying, soul-destroying and glorious compulsion to tell stories.


Gracekeepers_290TOP TENS
Kirsty Logan: Made-up worlds (and a worldie maid)
The author of The Gracekeepers picks out ten favourite representations of world mythology in popular culture.


Dan Gennoe: High life and dirty boulevards
The author of All Neon Like Love picks ten great films set in Paris, from Nouvelle Vague classics to The Bourne Identity, by way of Caché.


Stefan Mohamed: The birthday present
Stanly Bird reaches his 16th birthday to discover he’s gained the power of flight and telekinesis, but is rural Wales ready for a superhero?

Gavin Corbett: Leaving it all behind
Rickard Veilily, tiring of the drudgery of creating web content in Dublin, resolves to up sticks to New York. From Green Glowing Skull.